One fine evening while walking down a busy lane ,i encountered something which made me realize that what is wrong with the current world or to be precise what is wrong in the way a male treats a female in the current era be it anywhere in the world.

A four-legged animal was movie ahead of me and he was continuously sniffing around cars and then spilling out something. I watched him in a bit of an awe, and i was just observing at how happily he was doing it, it seemed like he is the owner of that particular vehicle ,unaware of the simple fact that.” that is not how you deserve something”

And if i draw an analogy to how our society works this is so much true the way we treat our females-counterparts.

We have a sense of authority over them, we feel as if they were meant to serve us (though not all of us but some of us still), this is not how you win someone’s love.

First of all you can’t win someone’s love, love is something which happens for itself you can’t force yourself or even someone else to love you.

It’s this basic misalignment in the wiring of some of ours brain’s that needs to be corrected, because it is this hay-wired brains who commit unforgivable sins, sins so severe i am even ashamed of typing them up here.

Thus i would like to conclude with:-

“that women are not someone’s territory, they are a wonderful creation of god they are human beings”