Love is something quite uncommon these days, we observe it in the nature be it in the form of how the nature amalgamates its various parts together or how the birds on a tree live together , or in the form of a couple of squirrels running down a tree fighting for a chestnut, and even in old couples having a walk in the garden or sitting together watching a movie, we have developed this sense of recognizing and observing love but have lost the ability to experience it, even when it is right in front of us.


The Clouds seemed to in a rage they were pushing down the rain drops as if they were not a part of the cloud family. On a quite cloudy morning of the February month or the month of love, it was quite strange that the rain droplets were pouring down on the surface of the glass window leaving a long trail behind it.


What seemed to be a soothing weather for him, was a messy one for her. It was disagreement at the most basic behavioral level, but as per physics two negatives makes a positive, something was bound to happen and it might have had if just some words would have had been spoken.


Waiting for his turn outside the room he witnessed her, she was nervous not calm as he was and the fear of the unknown was clearly bringing those lines of worries on her forehead.

There was though nothing but certainly something, something magnetic about her which was constantly attracting his attention, you may call it her charm, her hair, her eyes or just her presence. It was something which cannot be defined or explained but it was there and it was enough to call away from his attention, and it was this something which was keeping him calm.

The wait outside the room was over in a while, and the fear of the unknown now was replaced by a sense of  satisfaction, but it was still some feeling in some remote corner of his heart which was making him a bit uncomfortable, he felt this nervousness which was previously nowhere to be found in him.

He saw her again she was now calm and he was now nervous it seemed like the coin has flipped to the other side.  with the war between the clouds and the rain droplets being finally over it seemed to be a love affair between the vibrant rays of the sun and the smooth breeze of the air.

He saw her sitting beneath a tree in that wide open playground which was emitting from it the newly found aroma of the rain and the soil.


He felt as if, he is the breeze and she being the rays of the sun, avoiding those muddy potholes as if they are the landmines in his battlefield with him fighting for the love he wanted to experience, he won past those landmines and came even more close to his destiny.

The entire nature playing its part to perfection, it was now his turn to play his part, to be the king of his story and to introduce the queen into the story he has been playing or writing for such a long time.

Just as he was about to utter the words, a loud noise of the car horn seemed to be the very evil present in every story seemed to make its entrance into his, and now  the entire ambience was disturbed, he closed his eyes in order to redesign the sweet path he had made so far, but now it had become a cobweb of emotions.


When he opened his eyes, she was already entering the car and seemingly zooming away from his picture perfect story, he raised his hand but she didn’t see and now the protagonist of the story had become its antagonist, as he failed to do his part, and all he had to do was to say ” MAY I”.






images procured via Google Images.