“Protection from a sister leads to a brother’s freedom and protection from a brother leads to a sister’s confinement.”


Sister !


Can we define that term?

Let’s try.

A human being, your sibling, someone you know since or they are born.

And I can assure a simple one-word answer to all the above or any other answer to who a sister is and the answer to any other definition is NO.

How can you or how dare you to define the most wonderful creation of god in a word or a sentence?

There is no definition or explaination which can define who a sister is.

A sister is someone who knows all your secrets in and out, even secrets which no one ever is supposed to know but yet she keeps quiet. She stands alongside you, protects you in a way neither a brother can protect her sister.


We ask our sister’s to tie us with a rakhi claiming we will protect them but trust me our sisters protect us much more than any brother in the entire world.


We in terms of protection ask them to not go out, refrain from boys and so many other restrictions.

There is this basic difference between protection by sister to brother and the protection by brothers to sisters.


She is someone who loves you so much that you just can’t even imagine, and for me what I can proudly say is my sister loves me more than anyone, and by anyone I mean literally anyone.


She waited for me 5 hours even when she knew that it was not going to fetch her anything, that day I felt like I am the luckiest person on the earth.

Because these are the moments which signifies the strength of a relationship when you do something for someone without expecting anything in return.

And then here is me, I let her down.

Though she may forgive me for this because she has a heart of gold, but the question I ask myself is “Do, I deserve it?”

She stood in front of people putting her confidence in me, claiming that I will be the first one and I failed to do my part.

I know she may not be mad at me and I might be over reacting a bit too.


But I know that I failed to do a part which she considered me to be the best at.

Sister’s are one of the most beautiful creations of god and I am really lucky to have a sister like you,  a relation between a brother and a sister is something which you can’t run away from, there’s no court in the world which can break this relationship, no one can say that she is not your sister anymore.

It’s one of those relations which are eternal like a relation which a person shares with his/her mother and father.

There are no breakups and no separations.


There are just phases of being angry and annoyed.

And some beautiful phases of annoyance and love.






Why a Loved One becomes a Body?

Hello people,

Why a Loved one becomes a Body?

We are born out of love, this is what we are told of when we were little kids, remember when we asked our mother or our father that.

Mummy Mummy suno na bache kaise paida hote hai(mummy please listen how are children born), then our mother/father used to reply like “Beta,ek pari aati hai aur mummy ke pet mei bacha rakh kar chali jaati hai”(an angel comes and places the child in your mother’s womb).

Such a cute answer and probably an awww moment for the present generation.

We in Indian society find love everywhere, or at least I did.

My parents had a love marriage, they love each other, and we are told that family is of the ultimate importance part in your life, that even if nobody is there your family will be there for you.

We search for love in probably everything, we look for a lovely toy when are kids, then a lovely pretty neighborhood girl, whom we love to see every morning.

Sometimes we love to,being loved by our teachers, friends our lovely pets even Mother Nature.

So as to say if you are not so practical and you operate even with a bit of a heart in India,then you are genetically designed to seek for love.

But what happens suddenly one day that our loved ones just turns out to be a body?

It doesn’t matter what the relation we shared with that particular person it doesn’t matter that whether the person was our mother, father, sister, brother, wife, girlfriend or anyone else.

Why people refer to it as your mother’s body, father’s body?

Why just it can’t be my mother or my father or my brother?

Why suddenly when the person is no more between us why is he a body only?

where are our feelings, emotions, love, care or whatever we said we did for the person?

Let me tell you all a small story

A friend of mine, whom I refer to as Vishal,he lives in a city in Maharashtra and he is a really great friend of mine, his younger brother was admitted into the hospital on complaint of stomach ache.

so he went to see his brother and stayed with him in the hospital entire night, he told me that at the middle of the night his brother was not well and by morning he turned critical, the name of his brother is Sameer, till the time he was not declared medically no more, everyone in the hospital refereed to his brother as Sameer while he was a living being.

But as the saddest news reached the ears of my friend Vishal, and it was  not even an hour past he got the news about his brother, his “BROTHER SAMEER WAS NO LONGER SAMEER HE HAS BECOME A BODY”.

Now everyone who just an hour ago was referring to his brother as Sameer,referenced him as a body.

But that was not it, then came the toughest part of the entire ordeal, explaining to everyone what has happened to Sameer.

And the people who used to say that Sameer bhaiya(bhaiya means “ELDER BROTHER”) is their best friend asked Vishal that: – “where is Sameer’s body”?

Why they just couldn’t ask “where is Sameer?” & “when you guys will be taking him home?”

Isn’t he your friend anymore? Or can’t you love him anymore?

Then why he is a body, why no more the different alias you called him with, why suddenly Sameer became Sameer’s body?

It was not only friends who changed it was the relatives too.

Not only the people who were in distance relations, but even close relatives or family members rendered Sameer bhaiya as sammer’s body.

How come years of love & care become so much hollow that we are not even calling him by his name.


I agree we are becoming practical every day of our lives, and that we don’t have a place for emotion.

But at the same time we say that we love our loved ones, then why such a hypocrisy between our words and our feelings.

Are we cheating our soul for our words?

Even the family members forgot that he was Sameer not Sameer’s body.

But there was just one guy in the entire funeral of Vishal’s brother, who called Sameer by an alias.

That is when I realized that there are people who really love others.

he was not a family member, neither was a known friend of Sameer bhaiya, he was a friend of him, but the only one who didn’t referred Sameer as Sameer’s body.

For him Sameer was the same as he was before i.e. his friend, his dear one.

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(my blog is not a typical blog so grammar is not taken care of, i write from my heart not out of grammar, and the story here is a real life observation )